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Climate Emergency Rally with Extinction Rebellion + 350PDX

We know it’s time for action on climate change. We know it’s past time.


It’s time to start acting like this is an emergency. That’s why we're teaming up with Extinction Rebellion PDX, 350PDX, and other allies and asking you to join us a week today in downtown Portland on June 21st to put a stop to business as usual. Can you be there?


WHAT: Climate Emergency Rally & Direct Action

WHEN: Fri June 21st, 12pm

WHERE: In front of Portland City Hall


We’re upping the ante. In addition to demanding that our city government treat this as the emergency it is by committing to a just transition off of fossil fuels, we are also showing solidarity with folks who have decided to practice civil disobedience.

But you don’t have to get arrested to participate. Whether you’re a seasoned activist, a worried parent, or someone who’s never been to a protest before, there’s a role for you in this movement.

Come take over a bit of downtown Portland with us. Come get ready for escalating actions this fall (more on that soon). Bring signs, snacks, family, and friends. This is a rebellion, but it’s also a celebration of the growing community of Portlanders committed to restoring a life-sustaining climate.

Show up on June 21st. Because sometimes just showing up and taking up space can be a revolutionary act.