Attend Events

Sunrise PDX hosts a number of different kinds of events which you can learn about in the weekly newsletter, so sign up here! We welcome participation— bring your friends and family. Be sure to check out our Group Norms so you know what to expect at any of our gatherings.


Bike rides, picnics, dance parties, swimming for the purpose of having fun and getting to know each other.


Organizers convene in a hub, townhall, or team meetings. There is an agenda, action items, start time, and end time.


Protests, rallies, sit-ins, or attendance at a city council/metro session. Purpose is to demand action publicly.


Tabling, art builds, showing support at other groups’ events, or volunteering to spread our message.


As an organization of young people, we are entirely volunteer-run! We value our volunteers and depend on their support. Join us! Check out our calendar of upcoming events (below) and get in touch with our Director of Development for more information.

join the organizing team

We’re all considered organizers of the Sunrise Movement, but if you’re looking to get more involved, our Portland chapter uses a Slack channel and Google Docs to organize material and plan events. We have photographers, web developers, social media mavens, bike support, singer/songwriters, civil disobedience trainers and everything in between. Be sure to sign up for the weekly newsletter and then contact us to learn how you can help grow the movement!


Host an Event

movie Screenings

Do you have access to a space where groups can gather, or a film you believe needs a wider audience? We’re always interested in elevating the stories of people who have historically been marginalized or silenced. Send us your ideas!



Are you connected to communities who care about the future of our environment? We thought so. Consider hosting a fundraising event or drive on our behalf and connect our movement with your network. Reach out to our Development Director to discuss possibilities!

Become a Partner

Whether you own your own small business, or work for a larger corporation --we’d love to connect with you! Please contact our Development Director if you and/or your business are interested in donating or hosting an event for us.



We organize dozens of activities year round. If you’re young at heart* please consider sponsoring one or more of our events. With our partners’ help, we’re able to provide pizza and snacks, often with vegan and gluten-free options. This is a crucial component for incentivizing young people, especially after long bike rides to attend meetings or protests!



Code of Conduct

*We are creating a safe and welcoming space for young people to gather and demand climate justice. We’ve loosely defined young as anyone under the age of 35. We recognize that this designation may exclude some of our most passionate supporters. While everyone is welcome to attend, we’d like to prioritize the voices of young people and ask that others remain respectful of young leaders and are careful not to dominate the conversation.

We ask that you read through our About Us page to learn more about what we stand for and how we communicate inclusivity, resonance, alignment and uphold these values.