We're building an army of young people to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. We need your help.

What makes Sunrise Movement PDX unique is our adaptability and community. Sunrise Movement PDX is one of 200 hubs across the nation, each with our own unique goals, strategies, and community partners.  Since our first meeting in March, our PDX hub has grown to include over 300 members and supporters, all working in support of programs in political advocacy, education, and winning the hearts and minds of the people of Portland.


We are youth that firmly believe we were born for this moment to shift the course of human and natural history, and we need your support.

Here’s three ways to help us create everlasting change:




We need both one-time and monthly sustaining donors to help shield our youth members from the financial burden of fighting for climate justice and a livable future.



Whether you own your own small business, or work for a larger corporation --we’d love to connect with you! Please contact Sarah Carlberg, our Development Director, if you and/or your business are interested in donating or hosting an event for us.



Are you connected to communities who care about the future of our environment? We thought so. Consider hosting a fundraising event or drive on our behalf and connect our movement with your network. Reach out to Sarah Carlberg, our Development Director to discuss possibilities!


Sunrise Movement changed the politics of climate forever by putting the Green New Deal on the map— but we'll have to organize hard to keep the momentum strong in 2019.

Contribute today to help us take back our generation's future.

Let’s do this,

Sunrise Movement PDX